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    Our caps are designed with a unique window cutout that is folded under the post in order to minimize dimpling of the cap. Fasnap® also offers caps with a stainless steel post to eliminate the need for pre-piercing tough fabrics or leathers.

    • All of the following are 24 ligne snaps.


    These snap fasteners are a high quality, cost-effective fastener for products such as outdoor furniture, luggage, sports bags, and light-duty automotive trim. 4-Part Fastener Install

    • All of the following are 24 ligne snaps.


    Fasnap® premium brand turn fasteners have superior locking action that prevents undesired opening of the fastener. The majority of our turn fasteners feature a stainless steel pin and spring, which provides maximum corrosion resistance and promotes extended product life.


    This smaller snap fastener line offers a trimmer looking, less aggressive snap, and is available in three finishes. 4-Part Fastener Install

    • All of the following are 20 ligne snaps.


    Fasnap® maintains an extensive inventory of screwstuds in different materials, styles, and lengths for use in a variety of applications. For applications requiring a specially designed screwstud, please contact us for our minimum order quantities.


    The parallel spring fastener provides smooth consistent snap action that ensures maximum performance in harsh environments. Our parallel spring socket has a unique concealed spring design that offers long-term reliability.

  • windshield_clip_3

    For use in marine and automotive applications, our windshield clips are 100% stainless steel and are available with varying tensions.


    Fasnap® carpet fasteners secure carpet to flooring. These fasteners conveniently attach to our industrial screwstuds, regular studs, and rivet studs.

  • Adjustable Slide Sockets (SLCLIP12SN-T)

    Slide sockets can be used in applications where the attachment needs to be adjustable. Made to work with webbing or strapping these are often found in athletic equipment, juvenile products and various headgear.


    Fasnap® One-Way-Pull® Fasteners


    SnapFast® directional locking fasteners are non-corrosive and well-suited for outdoor applications. This line features a nylon stud which can be mounted with a screw or attached to fabric using a standard eyelet, a stainless steel cap which self-pierces most fabric materials and a plastic socket.

  • Hand Apply Snap Kits

    Fasnap® offers pre-packaged quick repair kits featuring our premium fasteners. These kits provide easy replacement for failed snap fasteners on tents, boat tops, convertibles, bags, and many other applications. We also provide custom packaging and bar coding.

  • Fas-N-Stik Snap Components (AB5300CN)

    FASNAP® introduces its FAS-N-STIK snap components for industrial users. Unlike conventional metal screw studs used in many marine and related applications, this product will not snag clothing or deteriorate from exposure to sunlight, sand or grit.

  • assembly2

    For information about these value-added services or other customer services we offer, call a Fasnap sales representative today.

    • Custom Packaging
    • Upholstery Button Supplies and Equipment
    • Fastener Attachment
    • Sewn Assembly
    • Sonic Welding
    • Cut-To-Length Services

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