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  • Cord Locks & Ends (CL 602)

    Cord locks and cord ends provide a durable, weather-resistant means for securing cordage. Commonly used in the sporting equipment, bag and luggage industries, as well as in industrial applications.

  • Classic Euro Style Tapered Single Side Release Buckles

    Side release buckles offer quick release action along with webbing grip and adjustment. Many styles are available to enhance both appearance and function for numerous applications.

  • Classic Ladder Locks

    Ladder lock buckles minimize slippage of webbing and provide for easy release or tightening adjustments with one hand.

  • Standard 3-Bar Slides

    3-bar slides secure loose webbing and also provide length adjustment on strap assemblies. Available in a variety of sizes and styles for varying applications and webbing sizes and thicknesses.

  • Open 6 Angle Double Bar Rings

    6-angle double bar rings prevent webbing from twisting and keeps webbing taut for a smoother appearance. The bar rings also help center weight and create a strong attaching point.

  • Strap Dividers (PD 713-1)

    Strap dividers provide a means of intersecting webbing from multiple angles.

  • Hook Galluses (SH 307-25)

    Galluses provide a means of attachment to another object or suspender.

  • Adjuster Belt Loops

    Loops join two pieces of webbing together and are ideal for non-adjustment applications.

  • Classic D-Rings

    Rings provide a means of attachment for snap hooks or other types of hardware. Several styles are available to complement various applications.

  • Spring Snap Hooks

    Snap hooks are avialable in a wide range of styles and sizes to accommodate many applications. Heavy-duty and weather resistant, the hooks are most commonly used in detachable shoulder strap assemblies.

  • Belt Clips - 3 PC Set

    Clips and hooks are perfect for many applications including the safety, industrial, medical and consumer technical markets.

  • Oval Shoulder Pads

    Shoulder pads offer cushioned support in bag and luggage applications and are available in a variety of styles for versatile design. Lash tabs are sewn in and provide a means of accepting webbing on backpacks and other types of soft baggage.

  • End Zipper Pulls (CL 647-0, CL 647-38, CL 666)

    Zipper pulls confine loose string ends by snapping onto the ends of cordage. Available in a wide variety of designs for versatility and style enhancement.


    The Stayput Fastener System works with a #1 spur or #2 plain grommet. This system requires no pressure to open or close the fastener; the weight of the fabric on the fastener locks the toggle. The studs are available in two styles and lengths to accommodate various applications and fabric thicknesses. Stayput products are manufactured from UV stabilized glass-filled nylon making them ideal for marine applications.

  • Four-Piece Plastic Turn Fasteners (TF 217) - 3

    Fasnap® premium brand turn fasteners have superior locking action that prevents undesired opening of the fastener. The majority of our turn fasteners feature a stainless steel pin and spring, which provides maximum corrosion resistance and promotes extended product life.

  • Plastic Grommets & Washers

    FASNAP® plastic grommets and washers provide a reinforced hole for light-duty needs. This product is available in custom colors, solidifying the best appearance for many applications. Our plastic grommets and washers offer defense in corrosion resistance.

  • Medium Duty Plastic Snap Fasteners

    Fasnap® plastic snap fasteners offer the maximum in corrosion resistance. Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, Fasnap® plastic snap fasteners are highly durable, lightwieght, and will accommodate material of varying thickness.

  • Padeyes

    Our padeyes are normally surface-mounted with #10 or #12 self-tapping screws. They are frequently used as snap hook anchors.

  • XMAS-2B

    Our panel fasteners are used for attaching material of various composition and thickness. Fasnap® panel fasteners are found in electronic products, furniture, automotive door panels, seating and trim. Please call Fasnap® for special requirements as our line of panel fasteners is extensive.

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    For information about these value-added services or other customer services we offer, call a Fasnap sales representative today.

    • Custom Packaging
    • Upholstery Button Supplies and Equipment
    • Fastener Attachment
    • Sewn Assembly
    • Sonic Welding
    • Cut-To-Length Services

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